Capturing your voice for generations to enjoy


Because none of us have yet.

Recording an hour of audio of you speaking through voiceOK gives you enough to preserve your voice forever.

This is achieved by capturing all the phonemes in your speech. It takes at least 2,000 sentences to capture the phonemes in your speech. With these phonemes a digital version of your voice can be created.

With just one hour of audio you can preserve your voice for generations to come. So why wouldn't you.


Read great stories aloud and backup your voice.

All stories featured in voiceOK are either in the public domain, written by our own authors or have been kindly licenced by the author to be used within voiceOK.

We add new stories each month for you to enjoy. If you are an author you can submit your story to feature here.


Build your Voice

Build your digital voice by reading great books aloud and preserve your voice for now and the future.
Track your progress to completing your voice backup and see interesting stats about how you read aloud.
See all the books you are currently reading and your progress through each book.
Explore the books we have available for you to read (currently English supported, other languages coming soon).
Record, listen back to, re-record or delete any sentence in your voice recordings, all your recordings are saved securely on your device.
Export your story voice recordings to another app (e.g Dropbox, Google Drive) anytime from your device.
You can listen back to your stories once you have read them. Playback mode automatically scrolls the text as it reads.

We created voiceOK for everyone.

Because everyone in the world has or has had someone in their life they wish they could hear from again. Our mission is to ensure anyone in the world is able to preserve their voice.

To achieve this goal the core feature of preserving your voice is 100% free forever.

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* in-app purchases available

Do more with your voice with a PRO account.

Our PRO account allows you to share your story recordings with friends and family. It gives you the ability to record each story multiple times by different members of your family.

Always knowing that your recordings are securely backed up to your online voiceOK account.

Remote secure backups
Share with family & friends
Multiple profiles for families

Common Questions

What data do we store?
All your voice recordings are stored on your device. Our PRO service offers remote backups, your recordings are encrypted before they are uploaded and stored securely.
Can I digitise my voice?
If you decide to turn your digital voice recordings into a synthesised version of your voice it will sound like you but won't be anywhere near perfect today. The main purpose of voiceOK is to ensure you have all the recordings needed to create your voice in the future.

As natural language synthesisation improves over the coming years (and it will), we believe your voice recordings will be able to create a digital voice that sounds indistinguishable from you.
What features are paid for?
We make money by offering advanced features beyond backing up your voice, currently this includes automatic remote backups.
Where do you get your stories from?
Our stories are a mix of classic public domain stories, our own titles and great authors who have allowed their work to be used within voiceOK.

Bring joy to generations
by reading great stories aloud.