The perfect gift for a loved one

Your digital Keepsake to preserve forever.


A gift that lasts a lifetime.

We all have memories of those special moments when a loved one has shared a memory they have with us. The way they captivated you with a story they were remembering from a place of passion.

Keepsake enables you to ask the right questions of that special someone to preserve the memories you will treasure forever, in the way that they were told.

Start your audio family tree with Keepsake.

A Keepsake includes:
Up to 100 questions
Write your own questions
Secure remote backup
Share with friends & family
Export anytime
Customer support

Common Questions

How do I create a Keepsake?
You download the voiceOK app on either iPhone or Android and login to your account.

You can from there create your Keepsake and enter your questions which you can pick from our question library or type your own.
Are my recordings safe?
The voiceOK app will backup your recordings as they are recorded, we implement privacy by design principes to ensure only those who are meant to have access do. Because of this approach each user has a security key stored in the voiceOK app that never leaves their device and means even we can't listen to your recordings.

Your recordings are backed up to the cloud and stored securely in three locations to ensure they are protected.
Why do I need a voiceOK account?
We need a way to authorise who has access to which Keepsakes, this is why you and those you want to share a Keepsake with need an account.
How long does the recipient of my Keepsake gift have to record their answers?
There is no time period restriction, we will remind them every three months until they opt out of reminders or start recording.
How long can my Keepsake be?
You can add up to 100 questions to a Keepsake and your recipient can record up to three minutes of audio for each answer. The maximum a Keepsake can be is three hours and twenty minutes, though most end up being around ninty minutes.
Do I have to use the voiceOK app to listen to my Keepsake?
Using the voiceOK app is the easiest way for you to share a Keepsake with friends and family. You are however free to export a Keepsake at anytime and share or store it via another service if you wish too.