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Common Questions

Why is the app free?
Because even above profit we want to ensure as many people in the world can digitise their voice if they want or have to in the future.
What data can you access?
All your voice recordings are stored on your device. Our premium service encrypts your recordings before they are uploaded (we can't listen to them) and stored securely.
Will my digital voice sound just like me?
It will sound like you but won't be anywhere near perfect today, the main purpose of VOICEOK is to backup your voice today and cover all the phonemes of how you sound.

As natural language synthesisation improves over the coming years (and it will), we believe your voice data will be able to create a voice that sounds indistinguishable from you.
Why are some features paid for?
We need to make some money, enabling us to keep developing the features of VOICEOK as well as be able to pay for the servers needed for secure storage.
Where do you get your stories from?
We use alot of stories from the public domain and there are some great authors who have allowed their stories to be used within VOICEOK.

We also run story writing competitions and have our own authors to create stories for our readers to enjoy.