Capture the memories of a loved one

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Ensuring memories are preserved.

We all have memories of those special moments when a loved one has shared a memory they have with us. The way they captivated you with a story they were remembering from a place of passion.

The story that is retold hundreds of times at family gathering but still makes you smile anyway.

"It was your 4th birthday and when it was time to blow the candles out you..."

Keepsake enables you to ask the right questions of that special someone to preserve the memories you will treasure forever, in the way that they were told.

With Keepsake you decide the questions your family member or friend answers and records for you.

What have you always wanted to know? What story would you love to here again? Which memory do you desire to share with the next generation?

When building up your Keepsake questions you can select from our library of over 200 questions, or you can type your own personal questions to capture the memories you enjoy.

With Keepsake your loved one can record their memories whenever they want.

An average completed Keepsake can store over 90 minutes of audio from as many as 100 questions, each allowing for up to 3 minutes of recording.

You can feel confident knowing your loved one can record all the details of their memories without any concern for storage limits.

Now you and loved ones get to enjoy the gift too.

Once the Keepsake has been completed, you can listen to all the recordings securely in the voiceOK app.

You can also invite other loved ones (you control who has access) to join the Keepsake and share the memories further.

Your digital Keepsake

Capturing the memories of a lifetime by answering questions you have crafted.
Each Keepsake can have up to 100 questions, selected from the question library or written by yourself.
Questions can be answered by recording a few words or up to three minutes to capture all the details.
All recordings are stored securely, encrypted client-side for the highest level of privacy and security.
Once the Keepsake is completed invite other loved ones to securely listen to the Keepsake.

Finally this year, after a year when the world has realised what family and friends truly mean.

A year where many people have found new ways to use technology to communicate. There is Keepsake, an alternative gift to give that lightens the heart, brings families closer together and holds those special memories recorded forever.

Easily given across the world, a gift that lets the receiver step back into memories they love. The giver then also receives a gift back once those memories are recorded. In a world of uncertainty, shared memories are so very precious and a gift this precious is worth giving to those special people.
Remote secure backups
Share with family & friends
Ask custom questions
Keepsake templates

Common Questions

How can I use voiceOK?
voiceOK is available on both iOS and Android and works with both phone and tablet compatible devices.
How do recordings get backed up?
When the Keepsake recipient records their answers, the recordings are securely backed up to voiceOK in the cloud.

Each time a Keepsake is opened it checks to ensure everyone has the latest recordings, ensuring everything is up to date.
Can I only listen to my Keepsake in the voiceOK app?
Not at all, you can export the Keepsake recordings and save them else where if you wish.
When I invite a person to a Keepsake will they be emailed?
We can email the recipient to whom you gift the Keepsake and/or those you invite to listen to a Keepsake.

We will always prompt you in the app when sending an email (we don't want to ruin any gift surprises) and give you an option not to send the email.

Bring joy to generations
by preserving the memories of your loved ones.