Setting up the VOICEOK app is very straight forward. Give the right permission to the microphone and a quick audio test to make sure the app can hear you clearly and you can get started.

See your progress to completing your voice backup. Also see interesting stats about how you read aloud.


See all the books you are currently reading and your progress through each book.


Explore the books we have available for you to read (currently only supported in English, other languages coming soon).


When reading a story, you read the highlighted sentence aloud and then tap next to read the next sentence. At any time you are finished tap back (top left) and all your recordings will be saved securely.


You can tap on any sentence you have already read to listen to your recording. You can delete or re-record your sentences at anytime.


At any time you can export your voice data to another app on your device or use our premium account to backup your data securely and automatically.

A enjoyable way to record your voice


Create amazing audio experiences

Add context aware sound effects to stories with the tap of button.

PRO account
PRO account

Enjoy engaging audio experiences

Listen to audio stories from family and friends easily through Alexa, podcast or directly in the Voice Bank app.

"Alexa, play Peter Rabbit read by Uncle Jon on voice bank. "

PRO account

Engagement through personalised audio

Turn text and data into 2 minute audio briefings delivered to the ear of your team whenever they need it.